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Art & Literature in Education's Nature!

Is it an A.Li.E.N.?

About the project


The project is addressed to the students and teachers of six partner schools (from Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain) carrying out the project entitled  “Art & Literature in Education's Nature! Is it an A.Li.E.N.?”.

It is an interdisciplinary project focusing on both Literature and Arts education and its positive impact on the three subsets of “skills for innovation”: technical skills; skills in thinking and creativity; behavioral and social skills. During this coronavirus period the eTwinning platform will be the shared classroom where the students of the six schools will meet and work together, while waiting for the meetings on site. So, the teams’ activities on Twinspace will include integration and team building while aiming at disseminating the project's results.


Our objectives are:

• to extend the reach of an approved Erasmus KA2 project by involving its participants, both students and teachers, in activities online that will help the group integrate, communicate and work together all year round, as the actual exchanges will be postponed because of the pandemic;

• to improve students’ competence of Learning to Learn

• to enhance linguistic competence improving communication competence (meaningfully exchanging ideas with others)

• to enhance ITC skills in order to enable cross-curricular collaboration especially during the remote teaching

• to share, pass on and construct Collective Memory

• to promote innovative learning approaches including the STEAM approach through interdisciplinary teaching with the involvement of all academic disciplines

• to increase competence in social skills and team building, collaborating effectively online and in person - when possible;


Work process

As we suppose it will be impossible to realize the planned mobilities for this school year because of the pandemic, all the activities will be developed on line  thanks to video conferences among the joining schools for students who will be working in national and mixed groups.. Activities: - integration and team building activities - drawing up a shared project timeline and individual school activities calendar - creating a project logo -introduction of classes involved -ice-breaking activities -presentation of the schools countries through tales and legends -highlighting the country places of artistic interest

Expected results

Our final product will be a public Twinspace and a website. Our students will: -get to know their project partners; -learn to be a part of a multicultural team; -get familiar with the culture/traditions/history of their partner countries; -widen their horizons, increase self-confidence and engagement; -develop and improve ICT skills,using the Web 2.0 free tools creatively; -develop and improve their English language skills. Using the TwinSpace tools ,all the teachers will: - reflect on our collaborative practice to detect strengths and weaknesses - disseminate good practices - create opportunities to share and provide mentorship - create professional development opportunities open to both their schools’ and partner schools’ teachers



KA229 – program Erasmus+, Ključna aktivnost 2: Školska partnerstva


BROJ PROJEKTA: 2020-1-EL01-KA229-078863_3

Skraćeno ime projekta „A.Li.E.N.?“

Financijska potpora komisije EU: 29,355.00 EU

Vrijeme trajanja projekta: 1. 10. 2020. - 1.10. 2023.

Isplaćen iznos:  EUR (80%)

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